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Are you looking to make the move to using a quality safety razor.  I spent a long time using plastic fantastic disposable razors before I made the move to a good solid safety razor.  I chose the double edge safety razor based on a recommendation from an old friend.  Granted I was so of happy with my multi blade disposables up to this point but after a few shaves with the new safety razor I will never look back.  This is probably the closest you will ever get to a cutthroat blade shave without the challenge of actually performing that particular style of shave yourself.  You need a very skilled hand for a cut throat razor – and that my friend is why I don’t use one…

When we started to do our research into the best safety razors for beginners we uncovered quite a selection and a vast range in the cost too.  So on with the research hat and we start reading…

 Edwin Jagger DE86 Safety Razor

First up we discovered the most excellent Edwin Jagger DE86.  The first thing I noticed is that the shave itself is brilliant.  Super close and smooth straight away.  No messing about here.  For such an in-expensive razor the Edwin Jagger feels much more like a luxury safety razor. Its solid chunky stainless steel head feels top quality and because its well balanced its very easy to use as well.  Changing the blade is a simple process that may only take you thirty seconds.  Unscrew the top, pop in a double edge blade, screw it back together again, and that’s it.

If you are new to the experience of using a double edge safety razor then it will be hard to pass over the Edwin Jagger.  An exceptional safety razor and a great price.  In our eyes it is well worth the investment.  No more plastic disposables for us.

User Rating = 4.3 Stars

Merkur 1904 Double Edge Safety Razor

Next up is the Merkur 1904 Double Edge Safety Razor.  This piece of German crafted brilliance is a great option for somebody getting started with double edge razor shaving.

The Merkur is nickel plated and is based on the original Gillette 1904 (the original DE razor).  It has a six sided diamond style engraved handle which provides ample grip during your shave.  It come in a nicely presented Merkur box and they have thrown in a blade to get you started.

The only issue we have heard about this razor is that the handle might be a bit on the short side if you have big hands.  Apart from that it is a worthy addition to any shaving stand.

User Rating = 4.7 Stars

Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole

The next safety razor we looked at was the Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole with Butterfly Opening and Chrome Plated Finish  This safety razor takes a lot of its design features from the very expensive brands, and does it remarkably well.  Its well balanced, performs well and looks awesome.  It has a long 11cm handle that gives you a great feel when shaving.

Its weight combined with the handle length make for a superb shave every time.  It is of all metal construction which gives you a very solid a reliable razor.  The twist to open end makes for easy replacement of blades.  You can be sure that you will have a very enjoyable shaving experience with a Parker.  Grab yourself some decent blades, a quality shaving brush and some of our recommended shaving cream and you will revel in the delight that is the Parker Safety Razor.

User Rating = 4.4 Stars

Epic Extras

To enhance your shaving experience with your new safety razor we recommend some additional items.  Not a necessity but worth a mention here.

First up you will need a decent shaving brush.  You cant go wrong with the Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush.  This shaving brush contains pure badger hair and is a great entry level shaving brush.  The bristles absorb hot water and help to get a good lather from your soap – critical to a good shave.  It works well with shaving soap, shaving cream or if you like it then use Edwin Jagger natural.


To get the most from your shaving experience you will need to invest in a quality shaving cream or shaving soap.We cannot recommend Taylors of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream enough. A quality shaving cream that will provide a luxurious shaving experience time and time again

Epic Tip

Make sure when you are starting out with a double edge safety razor that you do some research into shaving style and methods. It is nothing like using a plastic disposable razor so don’t try and shave the same way or you will cut lumps out of yourself. The weighted head of the razor creates enough force to give you a brilliant shave.  Be patient and take your time.  A lot of people will try this shaving style out and fall back to their old plastic disposables because they cannot get the hang of it.  Stick with it and you will enjoy shave after shave and save yourself a small fortune along the way.


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