The Best Badger Shaving Brush Review Ever

badger shaving brush

badger shaving brushWhen you start to get into the art of shaving with a real safety or cut throat razor you are going to need to invest in a decent shaving brush. The selection is vast and the price range huge. That is why we have put together this best badger shaving brush review to help you in your quest to find the very best shaving brush you can afford for the money.

So why would you even bother with a shaving brush let alone a badger hair shaving brush. Well its simple really and here are some of the main reasons why… By using a shaving brush you are greatly enhancing the shaving experience. Firstly the bristles help to soften your skin and get things moist pre shave. They lift the hairs up off the face and help get the soap or cream right into the zone. This brushing action helps lather up the facial area and provide a quality glide when the razor hits the face.

So lets start looking at some of the best value badger shaving brushes available today. We have picked what we feel are the best value brushes. There are many more which you can explore here if you don’t see the brand or model you like.


Edwin Jagger Traditional Shaving Brush

First out of the trap is the Edwin Jagger TraditionalShaving Brush.  This badger shaving brush is top quality.  It is handmade in Sheffield England by Edwin Jagger and comes complete with a matching drip stand.  Very handy for drying the brush out post use.

It is of medium size and sports fine quality badger hair which perform superbly, producing a quality lather every time and the bristles help lift beard hair giving you a closer longer lasting shave every time.

User Rating = 4.8 Stars


Kent Pure Badger Grey Bristle Shaving Brush

Next up is the Kent Pure Badger Grey Bristle Shaving Brush.  This little beauty, the medium brush comes with pure grey badger hairs and sports a reproduction ivory handle.  This is aimed at the stiffer beard as it comes with the coarser cut of badger bristle.  It come in a cool felt lined red presentation case and would make an ideal gift for any real man who likes a quality shave.

Kent have a long history in making fine shaving brushes and this one is no exception.

User Rating = 4.5 Stars

Bluebeards Revenge Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The The Bluebeards Revenge Pure Badger Shaving Brush is a super little shaving brush.  This brush is great for whipping up a fine later pre shave.  Its quality pure badger hair bristles are also magic at exfoliating your skin while you work the brush into your beard.  It is a quality product and is handmade in England and come in a nice presentable box complete with the Bluebeards logo.

The brush itself absorbs water quickly which allows a dense foam to be created on the bristles – key to a quality shave if you ask me.

User Rating = 4.0 Stars


Genuine 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This Genuine 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brushcomes with a handy black matching stand.  Made from 100% badger bristles this brush sports a mock black ivory handle.  The nice stiff bristles help massage your face pre shave which lifts the hairs up and allows for a clean crisp shaving experience.  A quality handmade brush that will compliment any decent safety razor.

User Rating= 4.7 Stars


Epic Extras

To get the most out of your new shaving brush you should seriously invest in a shaving bowl.  This little beauty will help to generate a really great lather and enhance any shaving experience.  A lot of people will use an old mug but if you want to look like a real man then you need to get yourself one of these to complete the set.

Different types of Badger hair shaving brushes

So you are in the market for a badger hair shaving brush and you though it would be a case of just picking one up and rocking out a quality shave.  This may be the case but if you want to get all scientific then you might want to look at the different types and grades of badger hair that comes on different styles of brushes.

First lets look at Silvertip badger brushes.  This is like the holy grail of badger bristles.  Its is very fine and delicate and needs to be cared for like a fine wine.  It is really the best quality hair you can get in a shaving brush but comes at a premium.

Next we’ll look at Super badger brushes.  Again these are quite rare and will need a bit of TLC to make them last.  They have a fine hair so you get plenty of them in each brush.

Best badger hair is more common that the two options above and is best value for the money.  This highly absorbent hair gives you the ability to create a nice later for each shave without having to turn your arm into a blender…

Finally you have Pure badger hair.  This is the standard hair you get in most budget brushes.  A great intro brush if you are just getting setup or great for a second brush for a travel bag or clubhouse.

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