What is the best shave soap for men

best shave soap

best shave soapIf you are like me and prefer to shave with a real safety razor and proper shave soap then you will know how I feel when I say that shave soap does not come out of a can full of compressed gunk. I love the experience of a good shave and part of this is grabbing my shave brush and creating a fine lather from the best shave soap I can get my hands on.

You could write a book on techniques and the multitude of shave soap brands available today. I am not here to do that, but rather focus in on a few of my favorites and the benefits of each one.

 Edwin Jagger Natural Sandalwood Shave Soap

My all time favorite has to be Edwin Jagger Natural Sandalwood Shaving Soap.  This soap really is in a class of its own and could realistically be the best shave soap on the market.  Its uniques combination of natural and organic plant extracts give you a very comfortable smooth shave because of the quality lather it produces.

You only need a small amount of this sandalwood fragranced soap to create a thick creamy lather.  All you need is a good quality shaving brush and some hot water and away you go.  This combination will soften and lift any beard ready for your safety razor to leave your face feeling soft fresh and ready for the day ahead.

User Rating = 4.7 Stars

Proraso New Shaving Soap Pot Sandalwood

Next on our list of the best shaving soap for men is Proraso New Shaving Soap Pot Sandalwood.  This is another fine example of quality shaving soap.  It lathers up really well and will help give you a nice clean smooth shave.  It comes at a very reasonable price as well.  Given the fact that it only takes a small bit of this product to get a good lather mixed up it will serve you well and last for quite a while.

It also sports a nice subtle manly smell that is sure to impress when you are out and about.

User Rating = 4.8 Stars

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap Bowl

When looking for anything shaving related that has quality associated with it then you cant go wrong with Taylors of Old Bond Street as one of your better options.  Taylors have been crafting fine shaving products since 1854 and this beauty is no exception.  It comes in its own hand turned wooden shaving bowl, perfect for creating that rich and creamy shaving lather that is perfect for any manly shave.

The sandalwood scent is a firm favorite with the ladies as well so give it a go.

User Rating = 5.0 Stars

Mitchells Wool Fat Ceramic Dish and Shaving Soap

Invented in 1893 and to this day is still a quality shave soap Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap is a quality product that deserves to make this list.  Made in Bradford in England and still using the traditional recipe you can pretty much guarantee a quality shave every time.  Its use of natural lanolin and tallow are what gives you a super smooth glide on every stroke.  It also comes with a traditional style ceramic shaving bowl that will look very smart in your bathroom or wet area.

A firm favorite with wet shavers the world over.

User Rating = 4.6 Stars

Epic Extra – The best shave soap

So why all the fuss with shaving soap. Well its simple.  I prefer a smooth clean shaving experience every time I shave and as I stated above, you cannot get that sort of experience out of a can.  Trust me, take the time to review this information and go buy yourself a proper mans shaving soap.  After your first real shave you will be glad you took the time and invested the money to purchase one of the best shave soaps for men.

Here at epicgrooming.com we strive for quality and try and do it without spending the life savings.  Sure you can spend a lot more on some of the quality shave soaps out there but for us we can make do just fine with our list above.

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