The Best Double Edge Razor Blades

double edge razor blades

double edge razor bladesThe biggest difference between a razor with disposable heads and a quality safety razor is maintenance.

Today we are going to focus on replacement double edge razor blades with a focus on quality, sharpness and price.  You might think that by investing in a proper manly safety razor that you are spending far more than the norm compared to throw away razors but that is far from the case.

Think about it, a pack of disposable razor heads can cost you about 4 quid each and over time this will add up to a substantial amount of cash.  Replacement double edge razor blades on the other hand cost little or nothing and are very easy to fit yourself – guaranteeing a quality shave time and time again.

We have put together this handy chart to show you some of the features you would expect in a quality duel edge razor blade.

The Best double edge razor blades



100 Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades5.0 Stars

Wilkinson Sword Blades Classic Double-Edged 55.0 Stars

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades 5 Ea. 20-Pack4.9 Stars

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades and Free Arko Shaving Cream Soap Stick4.5 Stars

you can see the full selection of double edge razor blades here

What to look for when buying double edge razor blades

Sharpness and edge:  Not all blades are equal

Because we are all different shapes and sizes, we also have different hair and skin types.  This has to be factored in when looking for a replacement razor blade for you safety razor.  Because of these factors we cannot recommend any particular type of blade for you.  It is more a matter of trying a few out and see what you are comfortable with.

Blades range from mild to very sharp and to be honest the best way to find your most comfortable razor blades is to go purchase one of the many  Razor Blades Sample Packs.  This will give you plenty of options and once you find the right blade to shave with then just go buy a box of that particular brand.

What are you made of

The majority of razor blades on the market today are made of stainless steel.  This is by far the best material to hold an edge.  You will find some of the brands have applied a teflon or even platinum coating to the surface of the blade.  You generally get about 4 to 5 shaves out of a new blade.  Because of this you don’t really have to worry too much about any issues with a single blade.  You will inevitably have it swapped out before it starts to corrode or damage the safety razor itself.

If you, like me rotate you safety razors then you may want to remove the blade from the razor you use today and rotate it into the razor for tomorrow.  Make sure you completely dry the blade and razor after the swap out.  When you are ready to replace a worn out razor please make sure you dispose of it in the correct and safest way possible.

A bit of a performance

From a performance perspective each any every blade brand is different.  You also have to factor in the shaving soap or cream you use when shaving.  This will effect the glide rate and softness of your facial hair pre shave.  If you are going through the testing phase of multiple blade types then please stick to the same soap or cream, otherwise you won’t know where the issue is and will go around in circles a bit.

How long does a double edge blade last

This depends somewhat on your beard thickness, skin type, soap or cream, and method of shaving.  Generally though you will get at lease four shaves out of a single blade.  More if you go for some of the high end blades as they are a bit tougher.  You will notice pretty quickly when the blade becomes dull because it will start to pull on the hair or skin.  Once this happens bin it and replace or you will tear the head off yourself, and thats not a good luck.

Check out this cool video of how they actually make razor blades.  It will give you something to think about the next time you have a manly shave.

Tip: you will spend over 3300 hours of your life shaving so make sure you have the right kit to hand

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