Feather Razor Blades Review

feather razor blades

feather razor bladesThe Feather safety razor company was originally called Seki Safety Razor and was founded in July 1932 in Japan. Since then Feather have prided themselves with producing the sharpest finest quality feather razor blades available today.

The laser sharp platinum coated blades will fit into any double-edge razor handle and once you try them out you won’t be disappointed. Not for the faint hearted these blades really are super sharp but will give you a perfectly smooth shave every time.

Epic Tip: Make sure and use a quality shaving soap or shaving cream with a rich lather before you even attempt to shave with these blades. No pressure whatsoever is required on the double edge safety razor when you have a Feather on board. The blade will do all the work, so you can relax, take your time, and enjoy a quality shave.

FEATHER Razor Blades 10 Pack Double Edge5.0 Stars

The FEATHER Double Edge Blades will fit all standard safety razors including Shaving Factory, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Wilkinson, Parker etc…

Another advantage of the Feather razor blades is that because they are so sharp you won’t have to spend as much time or effort shaving.  The super sharp blade reduces the number of passes required to get to that epic smooth skin.

You can buy these blades in multiple different packs.  This 100 Ct Feather Hi-Stainless DE Razor Blade  pack over on Amazon is great value.  To be honest once you try them you will stock up anyway and at this price you can’t go wrong.  Compare that to buying 100 shaves worth of those disposable multi-blade things and you will save your self a small fortune.  Plus your overall shaving experience will be epic compared to the mundane task of using a disposable.

Why not try a feather today you won’t be disappointed.   The internet is full of reviews from real men who use these blades, and they all say the same thing.  These are the finest sharpest blades money can buy.  Take you time and you will have a really close comfortable shave every time.




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