Muhle Safety Razor Review

muhle safety razor review

muhle safety razor reviewMuhle are an example of German quality engineering at its finest.  They take pride in their superb range of men’s safety razors.  If you are looking for a top class safety razor without breaking the bank then you can’t go wrong with one of these beauties.  We are going to take a look at some of the most popular in the Muhle range to give you an idea of what to look for in your quest to buy a new safety razor.  Muhle safety razors are beautifully finished and will look the part on any sink or nightstand.

 Muhle Grande Closed Comb Safety Razor – LARGE5.0 Stars

Weighing in at 80g the Muhle Grande Closed Comb Safety Razor provides a wonderful and first class shaving experience.  It is designed for those of you who prefer a heavier razor.  The beauty of this is that you just let the razor do the work.  No pressure required here to give you a very close and comfortable shave.

The Grande features an nice long wide handle who helps you perform an epic shave every time.  We cannot recommend Muhle enough because we feel they really are top class safety razors.

Muhle R41 Grande Open Comb Safety Razor5.0 Stars

The Muhle Grande also comes in an open comb style.  Following all the features of the Muhle closed comb safety razor this one is designed with quality, care and attention to detail at the fore.

This is a more aggressive razor and not for the faint of heart.  You don’t want to be applying any pressure whatsoever with this one.  It glides through the thickest of stubble because more of the blade is exposed and will provide one of the closest shaves you will ever experience.

Muhle Closed Comb Safety Razor Black Non-Slip Handle5.0 Stars

The luxurious Muhle Safety Razor With Black Handle is yet another example of fine German quality engineering. This razor with its stylish close comb design comes with a superb black non slip handle that has been designed to give you a good solid non slip grip while shaving.

The close comb design protects you from the double edge razor blade but does not in any way impact the fine smooth comfortable shave you would expect from a Muhle safety razor. This razor is also perfectly balanced and is an absolute pleasure to shave with.

Some say that if you invest in a Muhle it may well be the last safety razor you ever buy.

Muhle Safety Razor Extras

When you invest in a quality safety razor such as the Muhle you might want to consider gearing up properly so you are fully equipped every time you have a shave.  We consider shaving to be a art form and not a chore so why not get some of the finer extras to enhance you experience as well.

Muhle Safety Razor Stand5.0 Stars

This little beauty, the Muhle Safety Razor Stand is the perfect companion to you world class razor.  Made from brass that has perfect chrome plating this stand is just what you need.

Why bother with a shaving stand:  Its simple really.  You want to keep your safety razor up off any surface when you are not using it to avoid any bacterial buildup or dirt getting into the blade.  Also because of this particular design and its low center of gravity you won’t have to worry about knocking it over either.

A perfect companion for you Muhle Safety Razor.

Muhle Synthetic Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush With Medium Size Imitation Horn Handle5.0 Stars

muhle shaving brushThe key to any good shave is the lather you get from a good shaving brush.  To keep it in family here is the Muhle Synthetic Silvertip Shaving Brush.  This top class brush is superb for any shaving style but is particularly suited to safety razor shaving.  It is made from 100% vegan fibers and is very soft to the touch.

It also sports an imitation horn handle that really looks the part.Great for sensitive skin this Muhle shaving brush so be part of your shaving ritual every single day.  A worthy investment regardless of your shaving style or equipment

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